Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Bechtels and Fultons conquor The German Restaurant!!!!

So...if you haven't learned yet, mara NEVER sits still. We were overjoyed yesterday to see her sitting on the floor with her snack watching TV. Not so excited about the TV part but honestly, just to see her sitting for more than 30 seconds was profound!

We headed to the German Restaurant in Gibson City 45 minutes away for dinner with my parents and Brian's parents. Amara got to have her own big chair. This place was for us ( as we haven't been out to eat with Amara in a long time. Our table was in the corner, there was some room to let her roam, the room was noisy, there was an Oompa Band, and they had amazing food. Here's Mara showing off her chair!

So, we all drank Oktoberfest beer...we drank ONE LITER EACH!!! Impressive! The price was impressive too- almost $12 a glass!


Mara is really into CHEERS right now. This is her being reached across the table to cheers everyone.SO cute!

We may have lost the football game earlier that day but we still showed our Illini pride!
We danced to the Oompa Band!
After the long meal, taking walking tours around the restaurant numerous times, playing under the table, being passed to each grandparent, throwing every toy in the restaurant bag, and having a cough- Amara was done. I changed her diaper and clothes at the table.
When we got home, Nana and Grandpa gave their Halloween gifts to the kids. Alaric got a pair of Firefighter rain boots that will go with his Halloween costume.
Amara got a new book!
Look at those shiny boots ( that are way too big so we'll have to get creative)
They got a new Halloween decoration too! Ghosts that light up! We turned off the lights-the kids loved it!
Alaric showed Grandpa his new jammies to see if Grandpa's construction company had all the same trucks as his PJs- They did!
With VERY FULL bellies ( we shared three desserts too), we headed to bed warm, cozy, and happy!

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Rachel said...

a GREAT day. Love the family pic of the four of you.