Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Impromtu trip to Curtis Orchard

We thought the kids would have slept on the way home from Coal City but they didn't...and as we got closer and closer to Monticello with whiney kids in the back, we realized it would be best to go DO something than spend the next 3 hours in the house with the kids. We headed to Champaign to the local orchard.

Brian and the kids followed the yellow brick road to enter.

Welcome to Curtis Orchard.
The animals had their own bridge to cross from the petting zoo to the barn.
Alaric loved the tractor, of course.
Feeding the goats was fun for both

Family picture on the wooden trainAmara slid down the slide in the barn

I love this picture- the boys on top of a huge wheel
Look at how big they areI really wanted to take Alaric to an actual pumpkin patch to see how pumpkins grow since they have been learning about it at school so we made the trip up the long road to the patch. The kids loved the wagons.

Daddy shows the kids how the stem is attached to the vine
The patch

I helped Alaric compare colors of pumpkins
Mara found the one she wanted

Alaric and Daddy find their's too.

bri gives his baby girl a flower....a pumpkin blossom!The mind of my chef husband..."hmmm....pumpkin blossoms....these are edible. I bet they's be great stuffed with some cream cheese, ham, sundried tomatoes and seasoning. I think I'll collect and shove as many of these things as I can in my pockets for dinner tonight"
There he goes

The kids next to the big warrior statue
The best fall shot I could get after dozens of tries- oh well!
What a fun little afternoon trip complete with homemade apple cider and apple doughnuts- YUM!
By the way-the stuffed pumpkin blossoms were incredible!!!!

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Rachel said...

I am so excited for this part of my life to begin. What fun days you have with your family!