Saturday, October 10, 2009

Alaric's first football game

Our Illini Season Football tickets are usually the special, and rare time that Brian and I get a babysitter and head into town with the thousands of other fans for hours of Illini fun ( even when the team sucks). But last night, Bri found out he would have to work all day today unexpectantly. Who got to be my date, ALARIC! He was thrilled. A bit sad about missing time with his babysitter he loves but happy none-the less!

We surprised Papa ( Grammy was sick)! Papa had just as much fun watching Al as the game today!
It was cold! We prepared with gloves, hats, and extra layers!

Go Illini!
What made him even happier was the promise of his favorite snack- chips and cheese! A special treat after the first quarter.

Al asked lots of questions about the players but was just as enthralled by the TV cameras on cherry pickers filming, the albulance waiting on the side, and the people on the edges doing flips.
When halftime came, he was really interested in the band ( Sorry Bri but it's true). They played Star Wars songs today. Here's a rocket ship with real smoke!
This is what he looked like much of the time---stone cold but taking it all in!
He knew the letters spelled Illini but was definately confused when everyone yelled "CHIEF"!!! "where?" he said..."what do you mean he's not there, everyone is yelling his name"
After halftime, he got out some cars, including TWO Doc Hudsons. He and Papa played for awhile
We didn't last but a few minutes past the half time but he was wonderful! It was so much fun to have him for a date!

Video when we first arrived!

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Rachel said...

Alaric is just adorable. Such a sweet child.