Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trip to Chicago-Day 2!!!!

No matter how many hours of sleep Amara gets, she is ready to go as soon as her eyes open. She loved seeing a new fridge that was so low to the ground and had lots of stuff to grab!
The kids loved sitting at Aunt Anita's island to have breakfast with her fancy bar stools.
Aunt Anita, Joe, Amara's Godfather Anthony, and all the Fultons headed to Navy Pier to go to the Children's Museum.
Alaric and Amara practice their Halloween outfits with this fun cutout.
Amara built her heart out!
Uncle Anthony walks Mara to a new construction site!
While Daddy and Al went to a different exhibit, Anita, Joe, and Anthony had Amara all to herself and built some interesting things.
Al and Daddy built their own skyscraper.
An onsite camera captured their progress and they were able to create their own book!

Amara loved all the attention.

Then we went to the Water Room- both kids were in Heaven!
Raincoats, splishing, splasking, water falls, and more
Even the childless adults found exhibits they loved!
Our last stop was this high tech bug room! They had these screens with bugs flying. When you put your hand out, the insects landed on your hand.
Put your hand under the cyber waterfall and it splashed off your hands or here filled Alaric's arms up!

The kids loved the Thomas the Train ride. Amara's first ride without us.
Amara cheers, " CHOOOOOOOO CHOOOOO!!!"After lunch and naptime, we took the kids on their first "L" train ride. Alaric knew all about them so he was ready to go.
We patiently waited for the train.
The kids loved being up so high.
Another memory for the Fultons!
We then went to the grocery store to pick out a cake and a balloon ( the only balloon he wanted was a racecar birthday balloon) for Alaric's poopy party!
Sissy and Nita spend some time together...
...bouncing on the bed!
Saturday night was order pizza and play Wii night and we loved it! I'm rocking out to Guitar Hero!
Then on to tennis. Joe had to help Alaric but they both loved it!

Bri and Joe play doubles
then we made out own little Wii characters. Mine looked nothing like me but Brian's was spot on!!! So funny!

Another wonderful day in Chicago!

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Rachel said...

Ha! Bry's wii looks perfect. Very cute how you guys rode the EL for fun!! haha.