Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kuna Wedding Weekend in Galena

Our Wedding weekend away started with our best friends Heather and Justin meeting us in Galesburg to drive together to Galena. The Boyds live in Spain and we haven't seen them since last Christmas- it was so exciting. They are also Alaric's Godparents so he too was thrilled.
We took two cars to Galena but the boys rode together to catch up and so did the girls-it made the trip fly! As soon as we dropped the men off to golf in the rain at The General, Heather and I drove to Chestnut Mountain resort to meet Rach and her friends and fam for lunch.

Rach and Heather hadn't seen each other in ALMOST FIVE YEARS!!!!! They both cried and laughed and hugged when they saw each other.

The three of us!
Rachel and her sisters, mom and future mom in law, nephew, us, and another friend. What a fun lunch it was.
Heather and I then shopped around in downtown Gelana at all the super cute and unique stores.
On of my favorites was the Galena Canning Company....they have a gazillion different canned food items and you get to taste test ALL OF THEM!!! Look at the bar!
The rehearsal was at Galena Cellars Winery. It was beautiful! Although Jenny and I were not bridesmaids, Rachel invited us as her honored guests and made us feel so welcome. It was a special event!
The men!
The happy couple-soon to be Rachel and Todd Kuna!
Me and Bri!
After the dinner, we met everyone at Spikes Bar at The General Clubhouse. That was the meeting place and people came in from out of town.
Each day of Rachel's wedding week, Jenny and I gave her a small gift- all just little things from the dollar store. For example: a plastic poncho for Monday of her wedding week that said, "THings will get stressful-just put on your poncho and let it run off your back" We had shipped Monday- THursday to her but were able to give her Friday gift to her in person late Friday night. It was a mirror to ask her to really look at herself on her wedding day and to see herself the way we all see her, as a beautiful, strong woman.

These are my four best friends- check out a blog later this week on these amazing individuals.
Well, this picture is exaggerated some by Brian but he did drink a bit too much that night and it does look the way he felt Saturday morning!
Saturday morning, a small group of us got up early and surprised Rachel at her parents rental house.
We toasted her day with some mammosas
Ate some bagels and cream cheese and watched her get ready. We also gave her a wedding day gift- a personalized picture frame with her and Todd's names on it! What fun it was to all be together.
Before the ceremony began, five of Rachel's sorority sisters put a blue ribbon around her waist. Each of us were initiated with a blue ribbon around our waist to then be worn as our something blue on our wedding day. We each got to tie one knot. She made each of us feel so wonderful as we made out knot of friendship and love by looking at us in the eyes, hugging us, and telling us she loved us. We all cried.
Rachel's amazing bouquet!
Brian and Justin
Me and Heather
The photograhers-Laszlo and Nina- they were AMAZING!!!! They were like paparazzi! They were at her rehearsal dinner and then at the wedding and reception till the very end- I bet it was 15 hours, at least.
Todd as he saw his beautiful bride!
Gorgeous Rachel with her daddy!
Our friend, Michael Mercer, sang two songs during their ceremony- it was beautiful
Hands far...the most amazing, romantic, intimate, and special wedding kiss in the history of all wedding I've been to. he dipped her, kissed...continued to kiss...kissed some more...then propper her back up and did it again!
Heather and her Navy Hubby, Justin! Rachel requested he wear his uniform and he was damn handsome!
There was 3 hours between the wedding and reception. About 15 of us headed to Happy Joe's Pizza to eat. Mercer and Heather decide what to order.
Our pizza group!
The reception was in an outdoor tent on the deck of The Eagle Ridge Resort in Galena-it was beautiful. HEre are us girls taking pics of the paparazzi!
We hugged, we gushed, we loved it all!The couple and the guys!

Me and Bri! We clean up nice!
Brian, me, Heather, and Justin- Best Friends Forever!!!! Love you guys!
Everyone wanted to take pics with the Navy Officer. Like I said, he was so stinkn' cute and he really did command some attention. Jill was the only one who actually asked!
Me and Alicia!
Some of the girls once the party started
Newlyweds- and so in love!
Once the music started- the dance floor- and their friends were UNSTOPPABLE. It was a small wedding- just over 100 guests-and they were very choosy with who came. They both come from small families and my estimates would say that 90% of the guests were under 40 years old. So- when the music began, EVERYONE was on the dancefloor for the rest of the night.
There were lots of solo dancers too...Here Jeff does Michael Jackson as he dances to Billy Jean!
Dr. Kruse, yes its true, he's a physican- rocks out!
Dee does a dance challenge and face off to a groomsman!
Jeff, Dee, me, Jill, and Monica gather for a shot on the dancefloor!
So fun!
I loved this one- one of my favorites of the night!
Justin and Bri get serious!
Brilliant idea....they ordered a ton of pizzas at the end of the night. Tim and Bri enjoy!
Bill goes back for more!
When the reception was over, we headed back to our rental houses. Here, Tim, Alicia, Heather, and Chris use the benches and their stage!
Justin, still in uniform, shows us how to rock out on a racket.
Jill shows real style....
I get a little carried away with some new boots I borrowed and my hubby....
and Mira finds a new place to hang out!

It was a TREMENDOUS weekend filled with incredible friends, emotion, so much fun, and even more love. Rachel and Todd- you are an amazing couple and your love is so evident in the way you look at each other and the way we all feel when we are in your presence! We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. Thanks for an incredible weekend!


Catherine said...

OMG what a fantastic weekend and what great pictures, you capture the best you guys

The Buehnerkemper Family said...

The weekend looked like so much fun! I loved seeing all the picture of you guys & your friends! So much fun! Yeah! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kuna!

Rachel said...

So fun! Love seeing all of these. xo, Mrs. Kuna.