Friday, October 9, 2009

Get together at the Boyds!

When Alaric's field trip to the pumpkin patch was rained out today, we decided to head up to Bloomington to spend some more time with his Godparents and our friends, Heather and Justin, before they left for Virginia next week and Spain following that.

We'd get to see their daughter, Olivia some AND spend time with our other friends, Kristine and Ryan Hill, and their two kids Hayden and Natalie!

The Boyds stay at Justin's parent's home. We overtook the beautiful place with tons of toys and 5 kids under 4!

Amara and Natalie ( look at their matching hair) play with Justin's old Little People toys kept in perfect condition!
Amara loved the Little People's house! I had the exact same one. Just like Mara, i remember fondly ringing the doorbell over and over and over!

Aunt Heather reads a story to Mara and Natalie
Alaric, with some guidance from Olivia, lines up all the little people- God I loved those guys!Kristine, Olivia, and Natalie drum on a coffee can!

Mara finds the coffee table is the perfect height to play under
We ordered a favorite for lunch, Avanti's! We all loved it! Olivia, Alaric, and Hayden got to have a table all to themselves.
Everyone else devoured the food at the big table- look at Mara at the head of the table!
Ryan and Justin look on Google maps and Earth to try and figure out how The Boyds can get satalite TV with all the sports in Spain!
Heather and O
The kids! ( It's an old school doctor's kit that Al is holding, not a purse)
Even though Mara has a cold, she rallied!
O loved having everyone over!

The girls!

The Boyds!

Mara was asleep before we left the subdivision- what a fun day!
After running errands later than afternoon in the rain, we came home and all of us were tired and cold, including Bri who had a crappy day at work. At 5PM, we all put on our jammies, ate Avanti's I brought home, and watched a movie! it was great!
The kids love having their new fall jammies!

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Rachel said...

What a fun Amara and Natalie's hair bows. I also had that same Little People House and the airplane too!