Monday, August 15, 2011

The Waiting Game begins....

I sat down at the dinner table with my little paper tablet and pen, already ready with the list of phone numbers of doctors I needed to call this morning. I had already checked on the kids and made sure they were all happy ( only one extra today) and wouldn't disturb me for a few minutes.

First call, Surgery Department. My heart started racing as the phone rang. Please God, let me get this scheduled soon so I can be done with this. The lady was nice but explained that the Doctor who reviews Pathology was not in on Friday and wouldn't be in until this afternoon. It might be Wednesday before I hear. I think sometimes scheduling ladies think it's helpful to call you "honey", especially when they know that you are disappointed in the statement they gave you. I think they are right, it does help some.

Next call, Dr. Jakobsson. She's the dermatologist I had heard so much about before all this stuff and who my doctor recommended. Of course, we had to make sure Health Alliance would cover before I even called. They did. I called to try to get in with the doc so she could review my case and check out the rest of my body...which is causing me much anxiety with every new pimple, skin irration, or mole I see in the mirror. She's not accepting new patients, not even for Cancer. Rats!

Dermatology at Carle, it must be then! I told the receptionist I wanted to see the actual doctor, not a PA. First available, September 23rd. No way could I wait that long. I don't think my mind will make it. I asked if there were any other PA's I could see other than the one I have been seeing for years and who pissed me off last summer. Yes, one. I booked with him. September 6th.

Then I called my Primary. I just want to talk to her. Fill her in on the situation. Get her in my corner again so we can be on the same team through this. The more research I'm doing about Squamous Cell Carcinoma, the more I feel like there may possibly be a piece of this to explain what I went through last summer. I don't know if they are directly related but I feel like they could be. And I want to talk about it ( you know how I love to talk!)

So- not as successful of a morning as I anticipated. Lots of waiting and wondering. Lots of me and my mind trying to grasp at this.

I'm not very good at waiting. I like to know things NOW. Patience is a virtue I am not blessed with this morning!

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Jill said...

Oh Katie-I am so sorry that Dr. Jacobsen wouldn't take you-I love her so-and I thought she was taking new patients. Double Darn!!