Saturday, August 20, 2011

Katlyn turns 12 and makes me so proud

This is my sweet neighbor who we adore. She turns 12 this week and today was her party. We love spending time with her and think of her and her family as part of our own.

She made me SO VERY proud a few weeks ago when she came to me and asked her to plan a service project to go along with her underwater themed birthday party. I was so touched. For all Fulton Family birthdays and parties we do a service project instead of gifts. Its important to us to give back and celebrate not give and get stuff. So, I sent her a few websites to look at of organizations that build wells for villages without water or support water conversation, etc.

She chose Prairieriversnetwork its a local organization that cleans rivers and lakes to conserve plant and animal life! She asked all her friends and family to consider donating to her cause and also pledged to give half of all the money she got as birthday gifts to Prairie Network. AND SHE'S ONLY 12!!!!

Yummy food and great friends! Happy Birthday, katlyn!!!

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