Tuesday, August 2, 2011

St Louis-Day 3. Our final day!!!!

Today was our last day in St. Louis! After getting up early ( brian even ran 7 miles for his workout, God love him), we headed to Grants Farm. We didn't quite know what to expect of this place but wow was it a gem! We loved it!
The place is huge and allows gorgeous animals to have a safe haven and roam free and be taken care of!

The kids were most excited about feeding the goats with baby bottles but when we got in the pen, we all got a little harrassed and it became a bit more than the kids could handle.

While trying to feed the goats and hold on to Mara ( who this time had her legs in a death grip on me), I also got my skirt chewed-even got a hole in it!

The carousel ride was so fun and Alaric loved his dragon...looks like Daddy's tattoos!Mara was my twin today- we loved coordinating! She is my biggest accessory as she's attached to my hip most of the day.

The animals were beautiful and we were able to get very close to them all!The horses were a real treat to see. I don't think I've ever seem cleaner stallsAnd we were not leaving without our free beer samples. TWO EACH! Brian was giving his poor liver a break this trip so I was sure to represent the family well and double fist and partake as often as I could.

the kids LOVE all the extra daddy time too!

The Clydesdales were a big hit too!

Then, to get out of the heat, we headed to Magic House...along with 2,000 other kids today. It was overwhelming. Just a bit too crowded for us. We get to do alot of Discovery Museums because we have a pass to most of them in the country and this wasn't too much different. So, we scooted through what we could and what we knew the kids would love the most or was different.

Water ( always a favorite- especially if you get to shoot it)

And the hair raising experience was so fun!

The oval Office roomAnd the constuction site!

We are home and still recovering and unpacking but it was a wonderful little getaway! So many things to see and do and so much fun!

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