Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last week of Summer!

We had a busy week! Monday Brian and I took Mara to her new preschool to meet her teachers, see her classroom, and find some new friends. She loved going on a scavenger hunt around the room. She just beamed! It was so precious to see her shine, with Alaric not there.
Her hook and cubby!

We went to the pool twice

Took in the ice cream man...who arrived just as I was putting dinner on the table but we went for it anyway.and I even let them get the expensive ice cream bars!

We all got to watch the excitement in the neighborhood yesterday when an unknown truck was pulled out of our neighbor's yard after being abandoned there during a high speed chase the night before. Lots of police and a CSI unit from the state police were on our street. Kinda unheard of in Monticello.

And yesterday, I had 7 of the neighborhood kids over to make chocolate chip cookies with us.The 4 big girls helped the little ones and we all had a great time!

Then we headed to Lincoln School for an end of summer/beginning of school year picnic on the playground. The boys loved the lightsabors and guns Al brought.

Alaric got to meet his teacher and his classroom and put away all of his own supplies.

His locker is right next to one of his best friends, Kelton!

And the last night of summer wouldn't be complete without a trip to Dairy Queen!

The summer went so fast. I'm so sad about it. It was wonderful. Alaric learned to swim, they played constantly, we went on trips, we ran together, we learned new things, and we had a blast! Goodbye summer, hello school year!!!!

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