Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nelson Family Golf Outing!

Today was our annual Nelson Family Golf Outing! A favorite of all! We were missing a few this year due to traveling ( Anita to India) and making a music video (Luke) and living in Tx ( Huffs) but we forgave them and missed them lots!
Team #1 Marcy, me, Kent, Brandon, Kathy

Team #2 Marcy ( she didn't play so she was on every team), Dan, Adrian, Tara, Chris, Jeff

Team#3 Brian, Marcy, Grandma, Tracy, Tryler, Log

Team #4 Kirstin, Marcy, Nick, Bob, Katie, and Kenny

Brian and I love this day!

We have so much fun hanging out with Brian's younger cousins. Me with his 17 and 20 year old cousins, Kirstin and Katie...I think I aged well, right?

We play a Scramble and Best Ball. On the 2nd hole, we actually used my first shot ! I couldn't believe it and was proud!While the game is mostly for fun, this is a very serious golfing family and they analyze every shot. I love this picture as everyone, except me, helps Aunt Kathy get the right angle for her putt.

We heard "FORE!!!!" but didn't have much time to do anything before the ball hit the cart Marcy and I were driving, dented the cooler and landed. Me, my cart, and my beer....Happy Lady!

We all knew it was going to go in the water....just a matter of how far I could get it across the lake....not far ( but not bad form, right?).

One of our favorite things to do is to sit right off the green on #9 and wait for everyone to come in and evaluate their last putts, see how they did, etc. Its great laughing and cracking jokes and being together.

Family gatherings are so much fun when you actually like everyone.

and the winners...the young ones! Bob and the under 20 kids!

Back to Aunt Tam and Uncle Jeffs for food and games. And naturally, all the ladies congregated in the kitchen

Brian's favorite part of the weekend was the pick up basketball game he played with his 4 cousins and two of their boyfriends...until he realized while playing these 8th grader and a freshman in college, that he was older than the two of them put together! SUCKS getting old!And I could jump on a trampoline for hours!

The kids saw the boys all take off their shirts to play basketball and wanted to also. Its hard to explain to Mara that she can't do that ya go!This was the first time the family had been together since Chris turned 60 so we celebrated with cake!

Lots of hanging out and catching up!

Until we put the sprinkler under the trampoline, at around 9PM. Then, Alaric was in heaven, Mara was timid, and the cousins went crazy and had a blast!

Mara was only shy for a few minutes...she just needed to get used to the sprinkler moving under her.And when Alaric decided to do Kirstin's hair and massage her head, I too wanted in...

Thank goodness for loving husbands.

What a great day with family!

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