Friday, August 19, 2011

Amara's First Day of Preschool!!!!

Amara woke up singing and dancing she was so excited to go to school! She love, love, loved getting to use the special occasion plate and cup too!
Oh my goodness, she looked cute today and mommy and daddy couldn't get enough of her!

Daddy was the lucky one that got to share the walk with Mara today ( I see this picture and the one of me and Bubba on a wall in my house very soon, don't you?)

"I'm ready to go" She says!

Where did the time go. Look at my babies!

And I thought she might cry when I gave her her new princess backpack!

We played on the playground while we waited for Bubba's bell to ring

Then we headed around to the front of the school where her friends were lining up. She got a few words of encouragment from Daddyand a big smooch from me

and away she went into school.

What a day!

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