Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Working Saturday

We had lots to do today to get our house in order and our bags packed for our trip to St. Louis tomorrow. Everyone helped!

Today was bed stripping day. The kids know, and love, to strip there beds of the comforters, sheets, and dozens of stuffed animals that make their way into bed each night. And without fail, I always find them jumping their hearts out until I kick them off to re-make them!
Brian makes us a from-scratch breakfast every Saturday. This morning it was banana bread french toast ( he made the bread last night) . Amara was his helper. They worked together to make the batter and start the eggs.

Alaric helped me with the laundry.

And we sat down for a yummy breakfast together and talked about all we hoped to do on our little get-away!

By noon, we had cleaned most of the house, packed, done 3 loads of laundry, garage saled, grocery shopped, and eaten lunch. Thank goodness for weekend naptime!

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