Thursday, July 21, 2011

Alaric's Last Day of Swim Lessons!

Today was Al's last day of swim class for the summer. He learned so much and gained so much confidence in the past two weeks. he's turned into our water lover but now he is gaining skills and WANTING to do things in the water other than float around. On his own, during a class, he decided to leave the side of the pool by himself and he's been swimming like a champ ever since.

We are grateful to his three teachers, Colleen, Hannah, and Ryan who all helped him ( we made them cookies and he wrote each of them a thankyou too).

Al gets his certificate- he passed all skills needed to move on to the next group!
Al says thankyou to Mr. Ryan who was with him most of the time!

That's my boy!

*** Al got to go off the slide today. Unfortunately, the turn in the slide causes many kids to stop and he simply walked down the rest of the way and jumped into his teacher's arms. Still fun though!

Check out his mad doggie paddling skills!

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