Saturday, July 9, 2011

My children's obsession!

I could tell you now about thier obsession with Star Wars. The fact that Alaric thinks and acts it out and dreams about it and talks about it 24 hours a day. I could share with you that every imaginary game involves Star Wars and when he has to play "girly" games with his sissy or neighbors, he's found a way to turn it into Star Wars House with the daddy as Darth Vador and the sissy as Princess Leia, etc. And Amara just loves everything Bubba does so she too can swing a light sabor like no one else and prefers to be R2D2 when playing house now.

But that's not the obsession I'm sharing today. Instead, its my children's obsession with their daddy and I hope its one that lasts a lifetime. They adore him. They cry if he leaves before they get up in the morning and they run to him every evening when he pulls in the drive. They pray for him throughout the day and can't wait to share the day's activities with him.

Recently, I was listening to Bubba and Sissy playing in the basement while I was walking through. Here's the conversation:

Bubba: "What do you want to buy?"
Sissy: "Chemicals."
Bubba: "What kind? You gotta tell me. I'm in charge. I buy them."

Then I walked in and asked what they were playing.

Bubba: "Chemical Science Storeroom."
Sissy: "We are being like daddy!"

Bless their hearts! I loved watching them take items from their play kitchen and pretend they were chemicals and then buying them and selling them...what they know Daddy does at work everyday. And then I reflected back to Allerton and Brian's other two jobs there. It didn't matter if he was the Chef there or the Conference Manager, I remember other times that they acted out something daddy did and thought it was pretty precious.

While I wish, at times, that they wanted to be just like me- I couldn't be happier to know and see that their adoration for their daddy runs deep and he is their hero- just like my Daddy was ( and is)to me.

TV turnoff week is over. It has been for 2 weeks but the TV has remained off except for the half hour of tv they get to watch each morning while the other is having their lessons for Mommy & Me Time. The kids aren't talking about TV like they used to and know that when we do turn it on for a few minutes before bedtime, its a BIG deal. So our morning routine has changed some too and it's been pretty impressive that the kids have adapted so well.

Alaric wants some time with just Daddy each morning so he's been waking up early so he can share breakfast each morning with Daddy before he has to leave for work. they talk about Star Wars everyday.

Yesterday, Mara got up early and ran right to her Daddy. Brian was already reading one of his old Star Wars books to Bubba while Bubba ate. They both listened intensely to their Daddy and I loved leaning against the wall just watching.

I love it, every second of it!

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