Saturday, July 30, 2011

Update on Amara

For those who follow the blog, you know Amara has been struggling with iron defiency for 6 months. For those who don't, read here.

We just had her blood tested yesterday and received the results and they have improved dramatically-her levels went from a 22 to a 48 ( our goal was 42 as thats what your body needs to make it's own iron). We are so happy for these results and so pleased to know we no longer have to deal with the nasty, sticky, smelly iron suppliment twice a day.

We saw results within a week of starting the iron and her night terrors stopped almost immediately. Her attitude and emotions, while still off the diva chart, improved and we are so grateful to have had her tested.

When you kids have health problems as ours have the past 5 years, all you want for them is to be healthy and happy. We take each new challenge in stride with faith that we will receive good information, find appropriate solutions, and have the patience to get through the journey each one brings us! We are glad this one is over!

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