Sunday, July 31, 2011

St. Louis Getaway-Day 1!

We left Monticello at 6Am today and headed straight to the zoo! Thank GOD for the Safari pass and it allowing us to take the train everywhere. It was 100 degrees by 11Am and we were so hot and tired and walking was almost unbearable.
We saw lots of animals along the way-penguins were fun!

and the sea lion show was awesome!

The kids were troppers- they were so excited for everything. And while the heat got to us all- they stayed in realitivly good moods.

The carousel was a huge hit for everyone, me included!

And the misting machines were a lifesaver!

What an amazing zoo!

We all thought the hippos were amazing. They swam right next to the glass to flirt with us.

With only one stroller with us, we each took turns putting the other kid on our shoulders.

The elephants were neat and we tried to make elephant noises to get them to come closer to us ( it didn't work)But the highlight may have been the much anticipated BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP AT THE ZOO! The kids each got to pick their own and make it. Alaric chose a leapord, he named spot.And Mara made a Puma, named Pumy!

They gave them baths...

...and took great pride in paying for their animals themselves with the money they had earned!

After checking into the hotel and resting, we got ready to meet our friends for drinks before the Cubs/Cards game!

Zac Smith is one of my best friends from childhood. We've known each other since 3rd grade and been dear friends ever since. But Brian is connected to him too. They are both Beta Theta Pi's from U of I and Brian was Zac's pledge dad in the fraternity. Without even knowing it, Zac is what brought Brian and I together the night we met. When Brian introduced himself to me at the bar after our mutual friends' wedding, I asked where he went to school and what fraternity he was in. When he told me he was a Beta, I told him I only knew one Beta, my friend from childhood. And it was Zac! That night I even tried to call Zac and reconnect them. Instead, it was Brian and I would stayed connected and we love that Zac will always be a friend we had in common well before we ever met!

We got to hang out and catch up with Zac and his fiance Margee and learn about their wedding plans, talk old friends, and just visit. Its so nice to have friends in different cities to see on trips!Off to the game!While our seats at Busch Stadium were at the very top, we loved them. They were right behind a railing and there were only seats for us, no one on either side. It was awesome not having to excuse ourselves through the aisle as I think we got up about 25 times for bathroom breaks, water, etc.Loved every second with my family!

The kids loved the rooftop-we spent lots of time there.Mara's first ballpark dog!The Fultons! Go CUBS!my favorite men! They were inseperatable on this trip and I loved it. Brian told him things about the game, answered questions,and they snuggles- even in 100 degree weather. It was wonderful!I loved seeing a night game!

The key to entertaining kids through a long game...lots of breaks and walking around and candy! But not just regular candy- candy you have to work for....suckers, candy bracelets you have to bite beads off of,etc. They take longer and they entertain them!Spot and Pumy- best friends with Al and Mar!

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