Friday, July 8, 2011

A Change in Color!

We do NOT love our kitchen. It's very small, not inviting, and is pretty UGLY! But- if you could have seen it when we first bought the house- you'd think it was beautiful now. When Bri saw the kitchen 9 years ago on our walk through, he walked out! Seriously. It was pink. Pepto pink with a floral border. It had a drop ceiling that sat on top of these lovely cabinets you see here, a weird piece of wood that seperated this chopping block area in the middle and made the room seem even smaller, and the oldest brown stove and mircrowave combo you'd ever seen. It had white countertops and ugly yellowish plastic flooring. And did I mention it was PINK!

Since then we've done what we can to put a bandaid on the problem but since there are a million cabinets with 100 layers of lacquere on top, we've done all we can without having to gut the room ( which we can't afford.). After ripping out the weird wall and taking down the ceiling, we painted it blue. Two years ago we did new coutertops and wood floors.

And this winter I decided we needed a change in color. Nothing was wrong with the blue but I like change. If you know me and my hair and how I when i get bored with my life, I cut or color my hair, this is the same thing.

We went green! There will be black accents. I'll take pictures when its all put together but for now. Here are the changes from blue to green!

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