Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Backyard Campout!

The weather allowed us to campout in the backyard last night and it was wonderful!

We started with dinner on the patio- all cooked on the grill ( we tried not to go inside to much)
Check out our awesome tent we borrowed from our neighbors ( we still have our tent and two sleeping bags in unopened boxes that we registered for 7 years ago for our wedding!)

We spent the evening in the yard playing games like bags.

Oh and with potty training still underway, it was VERY important to bring Mara's potty out in the yard.

Croquet and Horseshoes too.

Then we made homemade icecream using our icecream ball. The kids were most excited about this. We simply added cream, sugar, and vanilla to one side of the ball and then ice and rock salt to the other and got shaking!

We kicked, rolled, shook, etc to get the ball moving!

The ball was heavy so the kids found it as a personal challenge to get it moving and start making ice cream!

YUM!We loved our first campout!

Then our kids second favorite thing....a bonfire with friends ( it was still 90 degrees out). The Smiths brought sparklers so that was exciting!

Hanging out with friends, eating Smores and Popcorn, and relaxing! Not a bad Saturday night!

We were all exhausted from our day so sleep came fast. The kids loved sleeping in their sleeping bags.

and Brian and I were forever grateful for our Aero Bed and being so close to the house so we could use all the pillows we wanted.Goodnight stories and our bedtime routine were the same.

And around 10:30 we headed to bed, exhausted and excited. The night went well. The trains were loud and Brian and I woke up a few times but the kids did amazing. I think we might just be ready to move onto Lodge Park....just two miles down the road!

Shake it!

We survived the night!

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