Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nana's 60th Birthday in Chicago!

We headed to Chicago yesterday to celebrate Brian's mom's 60th birthday.

All dressed up and ready to go to the Chop House!

Brian's parents, sister, grandma, and cousin all joined us.

Chris loved having everyone together!

Brian wrote Chris a letter and gave her a 4 leaf clover to signify how lucky she us to have reached 60 years old, having Type 1 Diabetes. Something she thought she'd never be able to do.

Then we recited for her 60 reason why we love her. And when Anita said, "Because you honestly believe that Alaric and Amara absolutely perfect", Mara stuck out her tongue at Nana- yup, absolutely perfect!

One last snuggle before the kids went to my bf's house and we headed to a show!

Million Dollar Quartet was AMAZING!!! SO FUN 2 hours of loud rock and roll

After the show, we headed to a 50's style diner for sundaes and dessert and had a great time together!Today we spent the morning at Katie's AAU Basketball tournament in the suburbs.The kids love having any chance to run and they took this opportunity to challenge EVERY single family member to a race ( even Great Gram...see video below!)After lunch the rest of the fam when back to the games and our family headed to the Children's Museum before driving back to Monticello! Best purchase ever....the recipricol family pass for Children's Museums. We can do to almost any museum in the country for free!!! Love it!

The kids love being at new museums too!

Hard not to find a rocket ship awesome!

and a 5 ft light brite was so cool!

Happy Birthday, Chris!

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