Sunday, July 24, 2011

One of those days...

We all slept in til 7 which was amazing! Although Brian was super hung over from Ribfest last night, he was also fully functioning and I needed it as he was going to Bloomington to golf all day and I was going to be taking my two and my neice and nephew to church with me.

I got my two in the car and before we had gotten a block away, the gas light went on! Damn. Forgot my wallet- back home to get it then to the gas station.

After filling up, Amara tells me she pooped her pants. SHIT! I'm already late. I get her out of her carseat to head to the bathroom and as I'm opening the door to the gas station, I slam it in her face and hit her head. Huge bump- tons of tear. SO many, she can't concentrate and can't poop or pee or anything. We move on.

Pick of Jack and Veronica and get to church just minutes before the downpouring rain hits! I had the 3 older ones in Family Worship and Jack was in the nursery. They were all delightful children, perfectly behaved.

After Family Worship, we headed down to the nursery to play with Jack and wait for regular church to get out so we could have lunch with Grammy and Papa. The rain was coming down in buckets. A few minutes after arriving in the nursery, a mom lets us know there is water coming in through the basement walls in the hallway. SHIT! SHIT!

Because of budget cuts, we dont have janitors on staff and all the pastors were leading worship. I volunteer each week to clean areas of the church so I knew where mops were. 3 of us got soaking. Then I went to get another member of the church who knows what's she's doing and she and 2 others came down to help. We spent quite a bit of time moving furniture and just trying to stay ahead of the water that was pouring in through the walls. All this time, all 4 of my charges for the day played beautifully in the nursery with other parents! THANK GOD! Oh, but did I tell you that Mara pooped in her pants twice at church-Triple SHIT!

When the water was under control, the reality that I was going to have to get four kids to the car and to lunch in the pouring rain by myself. With the help of Grammy and Papa, I did it in shifts and we got everyone to IHOP down the street for lunch.

When all 4 kids get together they get loud but they play wonderfully together so I was feeding Jack and things were going OK as we were smushed in a back corner of the restaurant. Mara had a sharing issue which caused her to scream and fuss and be forcefully removed from the table for time out but we recovered and she appologized publically for her behavior.

And then, just moments after our food arrived, Amara dumped her GoGurt into my diaper bag, leaving pink yogurt covering everything...into the buttons of my cell phone, my keys, everywhere. Just after I felt I had that under control, Jack spit up. Then threw up. Then began projectile vomitting every single thing he has eaten this week. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! He wasn't crying...just throwing up. I scooped him and the bag and told mom and dad to get to go boxes because we were leaving.

Within second of getting his clothes off, Jack was giggling and smiling in the bathroom and wiping the mango flavored throwup all over the walls. Me, I too was covered in throw up. I decided just to leave it on my dress- the color was flattering, right?

Got back to the table and the kids were eating nicely. My salad and diet coke had been boxed up so I told my parents to stay with the kids and let them finish their food and I would take Jack to the car to hang out.

When I got to the car, I put my to go cup in my cup holder and tightened the bracket around it and then locked Jack in his seat. Then I heard bubbling and realized I had punctured the side of the to go cup and diet coke was everywhere in the front of the car. Everywhere. SHITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! SO, I cleaned it up and tried not to start crying. I looked down and my pretty pink and black dress with mango accents and decided, screw it, I'm hungry- I'm eating. Oh wait- no silverware. Did that stop me? NO! I ate my chicken, bacon salad with ranch with my fingers and played with Jack while I waited for my parents to bring out the kids.

A few minutes later we were in route back to Dan and Jens to drop the kids off. Everyone talking and giggling. Jack even babbled himself into a nap.

The morning SUCKED. It really really SUCKED and there were about 5 or 6 moments I thought I was going to just start to cry and fall on the floor in a heap. But ya know what- the kids were overall pretty good. My parents helped as much as they could and took my dictated directions well. I drove home to Monticello with two fairly well-adjusted and flexible kids just praying they would take a nap before we have to go to a birthday party at 3 and they are both down.

So- it was a bad morning but its over and I'm moving on. I told Brian he better be home from his golf outing by the time we get home from the party because I will be ready for 5PM!

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