Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Anniversary!

Today is our anniversary and we headed to Silvercreek for a dinner out. Alaric took this sweet picture of us under our arbor. He's getting pretty good at picture taking! We had a wonderful time at dinner and enjoyed talking and catching up and setting goals for our marriage and our lives for the next year ( no spending money on gifts or cards for each other for ONE YEAR, saving half of every monetary gift we receive for a trip to Disney and Vegas, "Us" nights once a week, scheduled before anything else, no more than 3 scheduled events per week and one "dead" weekend a month, keeping me happy about talking about our love constantly, endlessly, and with enthusiasm!)

Dinner was amazing!!!

Complete with appetizer, bottle of wine, entrees,and dessert- YUM!

We didn't want to get home until the kids were asleep ( that's what we pay the sitter to do) so we headed to Jupiters for video games. It was so much fun to play without our kids around.

They have a new bowling game and I was amazing! Strikes right and left!

And the tickets, oh the tickets! We came home with so many they were spilling out of our pockets and purse ( the kids will have fun spending them the next time we go there)And who doesn't love a game of Deal or No Deal!

It was a fun night out...and we were still in bed by 10!

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