Monday, July 25, 2011

The Play structure is complete!!!!!

After more than a month of working on the new play structure for our backyard, tonight it was completed!!! It takes a village! We are eternally grateful for our neighbors, The Millers and The Smiths, for putting in alot of time and sweat to complete this project. It took so much longer than we expected because of rain and drought and heat and days away and pure procrastination and laziness. No blood was shed during the creation of this thing but alot of beer was consumed, swear words were uttered, lots of laughs, and lots of dedication. Brian and I are humbled to have such amazing people in our lives as neighbors and dear friends. Thankyou!

Tonight was the nitty gritty things...the slide and swings, the anchors, etc.

And finally today the kids were able to climb up their rock wall and slide down the slide.

The men put themselves into some interesting positions to get things just right

but it was worth it! We still have a few details ( telescope, handles, etc) but it's functioning.

The kids dont realize we still have to extend the play area, put all the landscape bricks back, fill with mulch, add sand to the sandbox and more but it doesn't matter- the happy faces on our babies are all we needed!

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The Buehnerkemper Family said...

Yeah! It looks great! I'm sure the kids were so excited! You do have great neighbors! Now that it's done, I can't wait to come check it out! ;)