Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trimming The Tree!

Tonight we decorated the tree.  While Brian and I attempted to get the lights on, the kids sorted through all the ornaments, paying close attention to each one and who it belongs to.
 We had hot cocoa!  With the secret ingredient to make it extra creamy and the perfect temperature for children....frozen cool whip!
 Ironically, Brian and I both recieved simple, flat metal ornaments engraved with our names on them for our first Christmases.  We chose to do the same for our children on their first Christmas.  Each year I love to take the extra time to look at all four of these beauties!
 The children helped put up all the ornaments.  All of them.  Look at the wonder
 and the focus!
 Each year before we put away the tree, I trace around the children's hands on the backside of the tree skirt and put the year inside their hand.  When we take out the skirt the following year, they love to compare their hands today with those from years past.  So sweet!
 Its done! Its done!

 Home sweet Home!  No place I'd rather be!
 Look at that masterpiece!

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