Saturday, December 8, 2012


My best friend, Jenny's house was the location of the 10th annual Girls Gift Exchange!  An annual tradition where we eat too much food, we drink too much wine, we laugh and cry until we can't stand it, and we steal awesome gifts!  One of my favorite nights of the year!
We all wear comfy clothes and bring our favorite recipes to share with our dearest friends.
And we drink-ALOT!  I hate to say it but this is what the wine table looked like with only 5 people in attendance at the beginning of the night.  Can you only imagine how many were added with all 19 of us were there?
Our host, and my bestie, Jenny! ( making french toast casserole for the morning!)
Our worlds have all changed over the past 10 years...we've been through it all.  The phase we are currently in can best be described by this picture...motherhood!
Oh the food!  This was the first food session!
Love these ladies!  So worth the 3 1/2 hour drive!
And for the first time in 10 years, my Big Sis, and everyone's favorite-Jaci-came to GGE!
Us showing off the new sorority longer to bend over and put your hands on your knees for posed you pop that arm and throw your chest back! ( we like the old way)
KK was home in Colorado!  But we facetimed with her and she got to have our undivided attention when she made her big announcement! :-) 
Then the gifting began.  its fierce.  $50 limit.  Draw number for order.  Two Steals then its dead! SO MANY great gifts!
Mine, a photo book with pictures of as many GGE's as possible, was a huge hit!  Rita always loves my gifts!
A few silly and creative gifts too- Rachel loved Jaci's homemade earrings!
The stealing can get vicious- but damn do we laugh our asses off and love every second of it!
And almost everyone ends up with amazing gifts!  ( I got a year subscription to Us Weekly!)
Snuggling and catching up and more and more laughing!
Who ever could imagine I'd love all 19 of these women more and more each year and feel closer and closer to them all as our lives change and evolve!
This year we incorporated service into our GGE- not only did we collect coats and winter gear for Public School kids who needed them but we also contributed money to raffle items that my BF Rachel brought to start her very own non-profit to help people like her with pituitary brain tumors to get the best care possible! We raised $175!
Oh and the dancing!  We all loved the dancing-even had a flash mob!
As tradition dictates, we have a candlelighting each year as well....a time to settle in for a few and share our hopes and dreams for the coming year.  You laugh so hard you cry and you cry so hard you laugh...and no matter what- you know you are loved and cared for and supported.  
Another GGE in the books.  What a wonderful night with 19 of my favorite people!

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