Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in Galesburg

Yup, that's right....3 days after surgery, I got in the car and travelled more than 2 hours to Galesburg for the weekend.  Don't worry- my foot was up on pillows on the dashboard the whole way there and mostly I laid in a recliner.
It was a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad I was well enough to go and well enough to remember.

Santa came early to Nana and Grandpa's and brought one very special gift....a karate kick bag for Alaric
And a Brave doll and matching dressup for he knows them well!
Christmas with Nana and Grandpa is always special
Oh, and Brian and I were there too!
We waited for Anita to arrive before diving into brunch and gifts.  Look and my sweeties!

They really do love each other!

We opened and opened and opened gifts.  The kids were so happy.  Mara loves her Doc McStuffins doll from Aunt Anita ( she got a smaller one from her Godmother and her response, " (gasp) I have one for my crib and one for my purse!"
Brian's parents and sister and us are traveling to Outer Banks, NC this summer to a beach house.  Chris and I got sun hats- cant wait to wear it!
And Nana made me, Mara, and bitty baby all matching jammies!
Bubba and Daddy got Angry bird ones!
Since leaving the house was out of the question, we watched movies and in the evening played Minute to Win It Games.  We love these games.  And they are great for all age groups.  We've played it with 3 year olds and 80 year olds!

And cripple people can participate too!
Today the kids got all fancied up for the Nelson Family Christmas.  My camera batteries died so I don't have any from the event but I did get cute family pictures!!!

What a wonderful Christmas!

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