Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas in Coal City!

Yesterday we traveled to Coal City to Brian's Grandma's house for Christmas.  Friday night all we did was eat Mexican food and hang out since we didn't even get there til after 7.  My favorite part, Mara playing with my hair!  LOVE IT!
 Amara had a rough night and had a super high fever Friday night but she rallied all day Saturday.  The highlight....Great Gram went through all her old hankies with Mara.  I picked a few hand made ones for keepsake boxes.  Mara chose a couple for pretty and TONS to use as napkins for tea parties- so beautiful and meaningful too!
 My poor girl...cute as a button but obviously sick.  Look at those eyes.
 My handsome man
 Great Gram and her sweetie!
 Alaric and Amara are called ( foldly) Goober and Gomer by Uncle Tommy.  We had a t-shirt made just for him from them!
 Great Gram also gave Alaric his great grandfather's pocket knife.  He got to carry it around all day and use it to help open gifts.  
 Alaric loved all of his gifts...and Aunt Mary and Uncle George really tried to learn and understand Pokemon but totally didn't get it ( me either)
 Our first Christmas of the season!
 Love our time with Aunt Mary and Uncle George!
 And Great Gram and Uncle Tommy too!
 We were supposed to go to our friend's Christmas party but with Mara being sick and me not wanting to risk getting sick before surgery, we cancelled.  We headed home and went straight to the live nativity in town.  So cool!

Then home to watch Elf on the Shelf!  Not a bad Saturday!

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