Thursday, December 6, 2012

TMG Christmas Fun!

Today was our Christmas party at The Moms Group!  Really wonderful.  Sharing, Sweets, and Service!

It was very laid back and really really fun!

We played two games that were awesome and would be fun for kids or adults...I found it here.  We also played a really fun way to do a gift exchange.  The website,here ,does it with everyone receiving a gift.  TMG did it with only 4 that we passed around and we had 4 winners of gifts.  No pics but worth connecting to the link because this would be fun for kids or adults too!  

Yummy food for the cookie exchange!
We decorated more than 100 giftbags for the Piatt County Nursing Home!
My dear friend, and neighbor...and our amazingly ugly holiday sweaters!!!

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