Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's December! It's December!!!!!

Today is my second favorite day of the Christmas season.  I work around the clock for days to make sure everything is ready to go for the Christmas season, including having almost all of the Christmas gifts purchased AND wrapped.  Its long days for me but so worth it on the morning of December 1st when I see my kids faces.  We started off with finding the Elf of the Shelf and reading his book over breakfast.  Our elf's name is Magic!
 Then on a tour around the house we see all the changes to each room.  The DVDs have been replaced with 25 Christmas ones!
 The kitchen towels and all the plates and bowls, including kids ones, have been changed out with Christmas ones!
 The Little People Christmas village is on display and ready to play!
 They have new Christmas clothes to wear, including a drawer full each of Christmas jammies and hangers and hangers full of Christmas dress clothes!
 All their stuffed animals have been replaced with their Christmas ones and their comforters turned to the green side and snowmen blankets out!  ( Amara couldn't help but jump for joy on her bed)
 Then on to the books!  Each year I wrap up 48 Christmas Children's books for them to open one a day.  While I buy a few new ones ( all bought at garage sales and resale shops, no first hands EVER) each year to add to the collection as the "baby" ones get recycled out, most of them are the same each year.  And the looks and these two faces and these chose and unwrapped their first books is proof they don't care at all!

 These baskets stay in the dining room for the season and this room becomes the favorite place in the house!
 The dining room is also where the Advent calendar lives.  Each day they take turns seeing what's in the little pocket and moving the candy cane to count down the days!  Some are little treats like candy or bubblebath. Others are recycled each year like opening their nativity sets, and many are things to do ( paint an ornament after school, have hot cocoa and go look at Christmas lights after dinner, make a Jib Jab video, etc) On December 1st, its always the same....a scavenger hunt to find their trees.  They love this and like us all, they love love love the hunt.  Mara gets the first clue from the pocket ( and quickly shoves the piece of chocolate into her mouth at 8Am before anyone thinks about telling her she can't have it!)  Then off they go.  

Clue #1:  Wow my clothes are dirty!  Go to where I can get them clean!  
 Clue #2: I love our Christmas picture this year.  Go to where we display all of our friend's Christmas pictures!
 Clue #3:  This is where we love to snuggle up and read books when we are in the basement!
 Over the top of the chair and the trees were found!!!!
 Big eyes and wide mouths!  These two were ready to get their room set up!
 They couldn't have been happier!
Happy December everyone!  Enjoy the simple blessings of each day!

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