Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tea Party

Tonight I went to Champaign to drop Alaric off at a birthday party and went to my moms house to help her. While I was gone, Brian and Amara decided to have their very own tea party.  With all the trimmings!  Brian made it so special for his sweet little angel.

Mara wore a new lace skirt and Mama's necklace!
 And Brian wore a tie ( mara was very specific that it needed to be a white shirt, black pants, and black tie)
 Nothing sweeter than seeing a Daddy and his daughter ( I'm alittle weepy as I write this!)
 They made it as fancy at the the folding table in the basement
 Brian used our Waterford Crystal platter and Tiffany Candlestick!

 Now that's the face of a happy little girl!