Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Each December we all get to go to Alaric's friend Alex's birthday party.  Often its at the Best Western Pool and its a such a great time to play-together! ( can't believe our boys are turning SEVEN!!!)

The kids ran and jumps and squealed and loved every minute of it....and then Mara came up to me on the side with her big, blue eyes and asked and then asked again, and then again if I would PLEASE play with her in the pool.  I didn't want to.  I was warm and snuggly in my sweats.  There was only 20 more minutes of the party.  And And And....and I remembered a blog post from y favorite Christian Mommy blogger, Jill Savage about being a YesMom!  In our crazy world of running around and doing and training and disciplining, sometimes we say no because its easier for us even though a yes response would do no harm, maybe teach a valuable lesson, or even be amazing.

So, as I felt my swimsuit under my sweats, I decided to say yes.  Not because I wanted to but because they wanted me to.  I knew it mattered to my two.  I knew that  at that moment, they would rather have played with me than their friends and that won't happen for much longer.  I knew that 20 minutes in a wet, cold pool would be a memory for my kids ( and their friends) and a lesson that parents still are cool.  Parents do spontaneous things and that I would do anything to bring happiness to my kids.

Sooooooooooo, I hate getting into cold pools.  It could take me 20 minutes to wade in and I knew I didn't have the time.  Instead, I stripped off my clothes and cannonballed into the pool!  It really was the only way and it was awesome.  Amara squealed with delight and Alaric came running from the other room to get back in the pool! And we had fun...all of us!
Giggles and smiles- nothing sweeter!
Happy Birthday Alex!  Thanks for letting all of us help you celebrate!

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