Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lunch with Santa on the Train

Today we went to one of Monticello's amazing Christmas events!  Lunch with Santa on the Train.  We love this tradition.  I was worried when this was how Amara posed for this first family picture because if you have a strong willed child, you know that one event can make the whole day a nightmare.  Fortunately, everything ended up wonderful, Mara was just pissed we weren't on the train yet!
Brian and I love this extra time with our sweeties!

My heaven!
This picture is amazing!  I love it so much...and Amara captured it
Brian caught this one
We were towards the front of the car so we didn't have to wait for Santa long....THERE HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As always, Alaric just settled right into chatting his ear off.
As always, Amara turned shy and wouldn't hardly look at the man.  It was fine though.  Santa flirted alittle and went on his way.  Both kids were happy.

Then we ate our lunch...and commented how grateful we were that we met Santa before eating our Oreos because Amara's face and teeth were destroyed after we ate!
When our elf friend came by, Amara decided she wanted to talk to "that girl" so she told the elf all her Christmas wishes and asked her to talk to Santa for her....and of course I asked to take a picture!
Now here is my happy girl!
These boys make my heart melt when they stand alone...I have no strength when they look like this together!
What a wonderful holiday tradition!

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