Thursday, December 20, 2012


I'm doing well, really!  Look how cute I looked the morning after my surgery!  Cute, right?  Well, I'm trying. Mostly I sleep and then Brian wakes me up to give me more drugs and I'm up long enough to pee and then I'm asleep again.  Really.  Thats how the last few days have been and its been great.  Its what my mind and my body need
Brian has been doing everything...absolutely everything.  All the regular house and kid and running around stuff and then also having to by my nurse and help me to the bathroom and feed me and wash me and everything.  What on Earth would I do without this man.  He's even gotten "magic", our elf involved in my plan for recovery....a beer and some Vicatin can cure just about anything!
Brian is also trying to keep up with the Christmas expectations.  You may not believe this but I really have simplified some things this year... and have definately reduced my expectations of myself and others.  Brian is doing all the advent calendar stuff, the elf stuff, the prep stuff....and I"m just trying to stay awake long enough to see my kids a little bit each day, snuggle, and still try to feel some of their Christmas magic mixed in with the pain.  The kids and I got to work on their sticker nativity set today.  
It took 5 minutes but it brought tears to my eyes just to be able to be normal with them.  I loved it.  Mara and I took a nap together today in my bed.  She thought that was pretty special and I just loved having her near me.
This is me most of the time...snuggled up somewhere with my foot elevated trying desperately to be part of it all and fading in and out of consciousness. Recovery is going to be hard.  It'll be worth it.  It has to be, right?

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