Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taking TIme to Give Thanks

The Moms Group I am a member of brainstormed ways to help our children give thanks this month. I tried a few other creative ideas but couldn't pull off all the crafting. SO, on Monday we made this Thanksgiving Turkey! Alaric loved using the glue and having his hand traced.

Anytime he thinks of different things to be thankful for, we add it to an "Alaric" or "Amara" hand and glue it on the turkey. Day one he had all people ( mommy, daddy, Alyssa, Grammy and Papa, Nana and Grandpa) Then yesterday we got even more creative ( snack, firetrucks). I'm excited to see all the different things he adds to this throughout the month!


Rachel said...

What a great way to teach appreciation of all things. luv u.

Smythe Family said...

So cute I can't wait till my girls are able to make thing like that.