Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween-Go Illini!

We spent the morning cleaning up leaves outside, cleaning out the cars from the night before, and playing with the neighbors.
After lunch, we headed over to campus to tailgate with our good friends before the game-NO KIDS!! We had a great time and took advantage of the fact that our kids were all with babysitters.

The girls!
Matt and Heidi!

Ryan and Cynthia

Rachel and Hector
Stephanie and Scott

Shannon and Ivan
Adam and Anne
Tiffany and Clint
The boys

It was Anne's birthday so we all sang her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
The group

Us after a bit too many beers....what fun!

Anne shows us her rendition of "Thriller"

Tiffany and Matt participate in their own interpretive dance

Between numerous bathroom breaks at the game, we actually did get to watch the Illini have a pretty impressive game AND see the marching Illini do their own Thriller
Adam and Anne show us their Thriller moves

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Rachel said...

Fun times! That guy has some Jeff Ford moves!