Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wolfe's Apple Orchard

After naptime today we headed to the local Apple Orchard with some friends! Here, Hope Wolfe lets each child take their apple off the tree.
Mara was so proud- she LOVED apples from the tree.
Hope then took us over to the barn to watch the chickens-the kids loved getting so close to them.

They were beautiful and very friendly
Had to turn this one into black and white as I just think it's timeless...almost looked like one of the pictures my Dad and Auntie Doris have of them on their farm.

Then she let everyone grab some feed and throw it to the chickens- even Mara participated....until she decided she needed to taste it- YUCK!
The chickens loved it!

8 kids under 6 years old- fun!

The big kids headed into the small corn field for some exploring.

Alaric was so proud of himself as this is not something he would normally even consider.

Al and his good friend, Kelton!

Nolan tells Mara it's time to head into the barn.

Taste testing of each apple- I bet the kids tried 10 different apples! Mara just worked on her original one the whole time.
There were atleast 20 different types of apples
The kids climbed and explored before we leftWhat a fun group- of moms and kids- I'm so lucky~
Video of feeding chickens!

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