Monday, September 14, 2009

Praying for Poop- A different kind of Sunday worship!

Well, those who know us or know Alaric or follow this blog, know Alaric has poopy issues! Its true. It's been for his entire life. Potty training last year didn't help at all and he is still not poopy potty trained. Even though he's on an adult dose daily of a laxative- every few months he gets impacted and we spend 2 or 3 days cramping, fussing, crying ( Bri and I too),and praying for poop.

Sunday was bad! So bad and with no relief, I knew church would not be an option. Brian was at work and all Alaric wanted to do was be held since he was cramping so much. How on Earth would I get through the day with Alaric AND Amara in my arms ( since Mara spends much of her waking hours there)? Well, we get creative and I called for backup....the airmattress in the family room. This is a Christmas Day tradition for us but what better way to spend a sick day than watching movies on a bed in front of the TV.

Alaric screamed in delight when I told him what we were doing. Here he is doing his part to get the pillows.

Pillows and blankets from all over the house made the bed complete!
We all put on comfy clothes and the kids wore slippers- Alaric had his Pooh ones and Mara wore some old ones of Al's. We watched Monsters Inc in the morning.
The kids had SO much fun in bed all day- we popped popcorn and jumped and played.

Then Alaric declared he needed to see his Grammy ( who was home from church too with a cough) so we packed up and headed to their house to have lunch with Papa after church and Dan, Jen, and V too.
We ate outside so the kids could run. They all say perfectly at their picnic table and looked like such angels all sharing the same side of the bench so no one was left out. My parents loved this picture so much- I saved it in black in white.
The fussing, cramping, and crying continued at Grammy and Papas and he had 3 big poops- THANK GOD!!!! We ditched the clothes and let him run around with tennis shoes and a pull up to make the potty sessions faster.
Here Papa reads Alaric a book about Farm machines. Only Papa could read it since he grew up on a farm!

V wanted to be shirtless like Alaric. She sat right on the deck to read her own book.
We headed back to Monticello for naptime and then spent another big portion of the afternoon back in the family room on the mattress watching Finding Nemo! What a fun way to spend the day- luckily, we think we are past the impaction and he's a new little boy today!

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