Friday, September 18, 2009

What a day!

Today was a busy day- I was making three meals for three seperate families and we were on our way into Champaign to deliver the meals and go to Grammy and Papa's for surprise when we noticed lots of people on the side of the road with cameras. What were they waiting for? The oldest Steam Engine in America making it's way to the Monticello Depot for Railroad Days!!!! We pulled over on the side of the road, got everyone out, and started snapping pics like everyone else.

HEre it comes!

It was SO beautiful.
When it blew off some steam it was very, very loud- all the kids screamed and cried- including mine. But of course, when it was gone- Alaric was sad.
We then headed to Grammy and Papas and swooped them up and headed to the Champaign Fire Station by Grammy and Papa's house. Alaric made cookies for the firefighters to say thanks for all the ydo. Here he is in his firefighter outfit and hat giving the firefighter Brad cookies and saying THANKS!
Firefighter Brad gave Alaric his very own fire badge.
He tried to give MAra one too but she didn't like it.
Then firefighter Andy came and realized Alaric's hat needed a sticker too and looked just like his. Alaric was so honored to take a picture with Firefighter Andy.
Alaric on the firetruck.
Then we went inside the truck and Alaric just told the firefighters everything he knew about the engines, and the parts, and what they do. The guys just stood back and watched.Then we went to go look at the antique fire trucks. Here he is asking Grammy how the bell on the front works.
Al on his own firetruck!
Mara needed to get up too and play!
Paramedic, Brent, showed Alaric the inside of the ambulance.
Then he turned on the lights for him.
Another paramedic made Alaric a Junior Paramedic and gave him his own badge. Al was so excited to have TWO badges.
The kids gave highfives before they left and said THANKYOU!
Then we headed to the icecream shop for a special treat. Grammy practiced jumping jacks with the kids while we waited for our icecream.
We sat outside and talked about our trip to the firestation.
Then we headed back to Grammy and Papa's and watched the video was took together.

What a fun day! Alaric will have lots of lasting memories!

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