Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The kids get tattoos!

Our friend Noah had his birthday party this past weekend. When he came to our home Monday morning to be babysat, he brought Wall-E tattoos for Alaric and Amara. Their first tattoos! They loved them. All three loved that they matched too! Thanks Noah!
Here's a closeup! I always have hated to seeing kids with partial tattoos on their arms and legs and cheeks for days and even weeks...half washed off, half worn off. Then last night, while the kids were in the tub and I was scrubbing away, Alaric very kindly asked if I could do anything to keep the tattoo. Perhaps just wash his upper arm and not his lower arm. He had me! I found myself, like lots of mothers before me-washing all parts of his body except the lower arm. Even telling him to get his arm out of the way when we rinsed. He's clean today- just with a tattoo. We made a deal that it comes off at the next bath- we'll see!

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