Sunday, September 20, 2009

The 8th Annual International Beer Tasting and Chili Cookoff

Well, after the celebration we dropped the kids off at my parents house and headed to our favorite event of the year- the International Beer Tasting and Chili Cookoff! It was packed and we were so excited to try hundreds of different beers from all over the world- all microbrew!

In the huge crowds, I ran into one of my best friend's from high school, Matt Burge and his girlfrend Amy! We had a great time catching up.

Brian and I....only a few beers in!
We met up with our friend from church, Laura- her son Lucian, and her girlfriend, Amy! We had a great time with them. Lucian is only a month older than Amara and was really great. Amara would never have made it!
Bri loved snuggling with him!
A few more beers in....
Our group!

Hunger set in....after the chili ran out, we opted for some home made mac and cheese- delicious!

The festival was on the first floor of a parking garage in Urbana and out on the streets. It was perfect. Here it is at the end of the night when the hundreds of 20 and 30 something people left.
Here's a dumb little girl getting arrested at the end of the night because she wouldn't get up after passing out on the street- GOD, I DON"T miss those days!
Actually, our night ended much differently. Here is my dad picking us up on the road at EIGHT PM!!!!! He was our Designated Driver for the night!
We decided to sleep at my parents house as that was the safest thing to do and we are such incredible parents! On our way back to their place, we asked Dad to take up to Labamba for some burritos. We were in bed by 9PM! Not bad for a Saturday!

The kids were up at 6Am and moved right into their regular routine- snacks and juice in front of the TV...this time Papa joined them! Bri headed to work at 7:30 and I got the kids ready for church. Here Amara is in an old pair of sunglasses!
What a fun weekend! I'm exhuasted, overwhelmed, and NOT ready for another incredibly busy week starting tomorrow!
Deep breath....and we move on!

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