Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Wonderful Day, and Amazing Surprise

Brian told me last week he wanted to plan a special day for us. Just he and I. I was supposed to be cancer free by now so it would have been a celebration but instead, we used it as a day to recharge and just be. We wandered Target and then he took me for a massage while he waited in the lobby. Then to Sunsinger for Octoberfest beer, goat cheese appetizer and shared sandwiches, soups, and salads. And when our bellies couldn't be any fuller, we went to a movie and ate popcorn and candy. Then to the mall to shop for a beerbong. Then to my parents to get Amara then home to Monticello. And what do I see on the table by the door but a stack of magazines, a few other items, and a note.... My dear friend, Kristy, gave me the most beautiful card with dozens of C words other than cancer and told me that she and others who loved me would spend the next 10 days until surgery making me feel great, keeping my mind off of it, and spoiling me.My Countdown to cancer Free!!!! Today Kristy gave me a ton of great magazines, each one very personal to my likes and hobbies, two CDs with music, and her Kindle, since she knows I devour books and love to escape in them.

Kristy, thanks for helping make these next 10 days bearable. This creative gesture is so appreciated and much needed. I feel loved. I feel blessed.

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