Thursday, September 15, 2011

My MUST HAVE of the Season- An Octobong Beer Bong!!!!

I know, I know. This post may shock a few of my Monticello Mommy friends or maybe a church friend or two. But if you knew me in highschool or college or have talked to me recently on the soccer field ( I'll explain later) this wish list item comes as no surprise. I write this with shout outs to my favorite bong enthusiasts...Burge, Josh, Jaci, Alicia, Sammy, Justin, and Blake!

I did my first beer bong in highschool. Not sure where or when ( surprisingly enough). But I remember liking it and being pretty good at it. Most everyone else sprayed beer on themselves or had too much foam but not me. I was great from the beginning and they became my favorite way of consuming beer.

The first time I went to True Value in Round Barn to buy supplies for a bong, I was so nervous. I found the right sized funnel right away but I was confused on the tubing. As always, one of the old man worker guys was on me in a minute asking for help. I told him I needed tubing and to point me in the right direction. He did. I would have been fine if he just left me alone but he didnt. He wanted to be the helpful hardware man. He asked how much I needed and of what size. I looked down at my funnel. I then tried to look at the length of my arm to envision just how many feet I would need. Damn! Why didn't I measure before I got there. He looked right at me and said

" For a beer bong of that size, you probably need 3 feet. Lets make sure we get the right sized tubing so its a tight fit" With a smile, we worked together and I was out of the True Value in minutes with my new favorite toy of high school. They really are pretty helpful there!

I taught dozens of people to bong beers in highschool and when I got to college it was no different. I remember being at a party one of the first week of being a Zeta and my big sister, Jaci, has never done one before. I took the bong at the apartment party and talked her through it step by step. She did amazing her first time! Such a proud little sister I was of her! And that Christmas when other little sisters were giving their bigs cute picture frames or candles, I had made Jaci her very own bong ( I even decorated it for her). Classy Katie, right?

Then Spring Break my freshman year in Panama City. It was a blur of a week. So much fun! And my eyes were opened to a new kind of bong...a homemade FOUR PERSON beer bong! I thought it was beautiful and I spent hours each day on the beach with mostly guys ( as no one else would do it) mastering this new creature. I came home and shared the news of this new invention but never saw another one again. Lots more bonging in college and then tried to be mature for a decade or so.

Our best friends go on a Memorial Day weekend every year and we've never been able to attend because of the kids ( we were the only one who had them then). They beer bonged. I saw pictures. I salivated. Sam was their ring leader and created an extra long tube that would drape over the side of a balcony if needed. I was jealous. Again, I tried to move on and be mature, not wanting to sound silly about wanting a beer bong in my 30's. Until a year ago....At a tailgate with some friends when the Illini was playing Southern, we found ourselves next to some roudy college kids from SIU. We had gotten fairly roudy ourselves so it was no problem. And then....whats that? What do I see? UHHHHHHHHH ( thats the sound of the heavens opening up), I look over and these students had an EIGHT PERSON BEER BONG! Not only that, they had designed a fancy hanging contraption. It was so sweet!

I asked our tailgating friends about it and they said they had been watching the spectacle for awhile. I looked at Bri, "I want to do it!"

"Go for it. bring a beer with you"
So, with my beer in hand, I asked if I could get in on the next round. And I did. "It's so good! Once it hit's your lips, It's so good!" I felt like Will Farrel in Old School. I was hooked.

I told Brian I wanted one. We even looked on the internet. We didn't buy one. I let it go. Kinda. But not really.

Then in July at a wedding while catching up with old friends, that tailgate came up again. And my friend, Josh pulls out his phone and shows me this

"Not enough. I said, I need more!" We searched the internet while at the bar and found LOVE IT!

Fast forward another month. Tailgate season has begun. Kindergarten soccer too. We are at the first soccer practice, talking about tailgating that coming weekend and what does Bri bring up with his friends, Blake & Justin? Beer bonging. And the octobong. And the tailgate last year. And then the best thing happened...Blake and Justin got excited. They said we should buy it!

Last night, they asked where it was and why it hadn't been purchased yet. We chuckled about buying it and having it in the back of the minivan and bringing it to the next soccer game and taking turns heading to the car to partake. Or perhaps having our own tailgate before or after soccer or maybe even a party just to welcome it to Monticello. I loved it!

I went home and searched again. They are available at Spencer gifts. Only $49. Not really in my budget right now but I'm working on it. I'm going to start my little Dave Ramsey envelope and start my beer bong fund immediately.

Send your dollars my way if you want to contribute and participate as a part owner. It can be borrowed for tailgates, BBQ's, parties, or even kindergarten soccer games!!! I'll keep you updated on the bong fund and any parties planned for it's initiation into society.


The Buehnerkemper Family said...

Oh hell... I'm so IN! One of my friends in HS had a 2 story beer bong - we'd hang it from a 2nd floor window - why? no idea... GO KATIE!!!

Dan Bechtel said...

As your elder, I can honestly say that I believe that I am more experienced at this than you, and extraordinarily excited about the prospect of the octabong.