Sunday, September 18, 2011

Such a fun weekend!

We went to our friends house, The Goods, on Friday night for pizza, beer, and children running like crazy!
The boys played StarWars and Battle Force 5 and all things boys and the girls did all they could to keep up!

After an awesome soccer game Saturday, we headed to the square for the Celebration- inflatables, food, and tons of people!

The kids love the games and we navigated carefully through the crowds to get to all the ones they wanted

Skeeball is my favorite!

Mara asked if we could bring this home.

Babysitter for the kids and we headed to the Illini game for a quick tailgate before the game. I know it looks bad here but some of our friends friends didn't know how to shotgun a beer...and since there were no beer bongs, I felt like I needed to participate. That's all it was...just helping the youngins!

brians' bf Benji and his fiance Sara!

We wish we could tailgate before every game.

Then right before we left, someone brought out a bottle of sweet tea vodka. it smelled just like sweet tea-yum!

and it tasted like vodka! YUCK!!!!

So fun going to a night game!

Then the next morning we headed to church in Bears gear. it didn't help them win but dont my favorite people look great?

and Sunday after church we went out for family dinner and I got to snuggle with my favorite nephew, Jack! Such a sweetie!

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