Friday, September 23, 2011

Sage Strut

Today was Lincoln School's 2nd annual Sage Strut. Its a fundraiser to raise money for the PTOs of the three elementary schools. The walk around the HS track for an hour and take pledges to do it. They run through obstacle courses and do silly things to keep them moving and excited for the hour...its great for parents as its the only fundraiser all year- no cookies or wrapping paper or crap to sell.

it was Mara's first Sage Strut and she was so excited!
of course Al was too!

They were pretty much on different sides of the track the whole time but I grabbed them once for this fast photo.

The weather was gorgeous and hundreds of kids, parents, and volunteers walked and had a great time!

Sweet mara's little legs couldn't keep up. She was either running or holding onto Mrs. Munster's hand for support!

Bubba just loved being with his friends!

Mrs. Elliots class

Mrs. Donovan's class

What a great day. What a great fundraiser!

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