Friday, April 8, 2011

A Week of Fun with Daddy!

Brian had the whole week off work so he got to do some special things with us this week. THis is Amara's BabyTalk. It's a playgroup at the public school put on by the librarian. The kids have freeplay and then they read stories, sing songs, and dance. It's Amara's VERY Favortie thing to do and she was so proud to bring her daddy!
I love my daddy!
When Daddy went to Chicago for a night with Uncle Anthony, we had our dinner by candlelight in the living room....a picnic at that.
We took a trip to the Discovery Museum in Decatur
And the amazing playground at the Zoo!

Then tonight we went to an Illini Baseball game. Within the first 3 minutes of being there, Brian and Al chased a foul ball and got it!!! Alaric turned it in for a suckers for he and Mara but it was fun having it while we did!
Go Illini!
Another amazing day with Daddy!
RUN!! The kids used the open spaces around the field to run off some energy!
Look at this cutie!
And as we were leaving, we saw that the track and field track was open and couldn't resist running like all the college super stars so...we snuck in for just a few minutes to run on the track!

It was so much fun having daddy home!

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