Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Years Ago Today...

We were on our way home to Monticello for the first time with our son, Alaric, after having spent 26 days in the NICU at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Alaric was born 6 1/2 weeks early and he was there getting bigger and stronger. While the road was a long one with many struggles along the way but it was also pretty incredible. We had 26 days of doing nothing else but watching Alaric grow and develop and holding him and taking care of him. There were countless precious memories Brian nor I will ever forget.
But on April 15, 2006 we received notice we would get to go home-FINALLY! We were so anxious all morning and so very stressed that he wouldn't pass his last exam to get discharged. I prayed over and over and over for hours to please just let us bring our baby home. And it happened.
We dressed him in the tiniest newborn outfit we could find at the Gap on Michigan Avenue and started on the longest trip home from Chicago ever- I think it took us 4 1/2 hours.

We were in a state of euphoria. We asked our all family and friends to stay away for just that first day. We needed to re-group. To connect as a family. We showed Alaric all around our home and his new nursery. We danced in the kitchen. We laughed and we cried. But mostly, we held him on our chest or laid him on the ground and simply watched him in wonder as our little, now 5 pound baby, was now in our home and free of monitors and feeding tubes! It was heaven!
The very next day was Easter and we opened our doors to everyone! Brian's parents came in the morning
And my parents and brother and sister in the afternoon.
Since we couldn't take him out to public places for another month, our door was revolving and we couldn't wait to show him off!

This puts things in perspective. This is James, our friend's son who was born just a month in a half before Al. He literally was half his size!
And now....our 5 year old is healthy happy and so full of life. What a wonderful memory of that very first day home with our "little king"!

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Kristi said...

aww baby Alaric! One of Reagan's first outfits was the same as his! All three of mine wore it! <3