Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Nice Little Sunday

These sweet little kids performed in the Children's Choir today! Barbara, Jonathan, Alaric, and Luna! Alaric has really loved being in the choir this year at church with friends his age and friends much bigger!
I'll post video soon after we get it up on Youtube because pictures don't do it justice. Alaric mouthed the words for the first part and didn't sing outloud and then all of a sudden, he found his voice and he was SO LOUD! It was so funny and sweet!
After church, we hosted a potluck in the fellowship hall for all the nursery and preschool families. We had lots of friends there and we feel so blessed to have such an active group in our church who we can relate to.

The weather was so nice,we pushed the kids through naps and got outside to play! It was time to get the garden ready!

The kids CHEERED each other as they took a break from picking up millions of sticks!
We tilled up our garden. We are expanding it by 3X this year! All of us, especially Brian are very excited about it
Alaric worked so hard by raking the ground
At 5PM, our neighborhood happy hour and potluck dinner began and it was a blast to again be outside with our friends...can't wait for it to be a nightly event!

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