Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Boyds are back in America! We Meet Charlotte Elizabeth!

Our best friends, and Alaric's Godparents, have moved home from Spain. They are in Bloomington for a few days recovering from the jetlag and then moving to their next placement for 3 years, San Diego! We were so excited to spend the day with them today and most importantly, meet their 4 week old baby, Charlotte Elizabeth.

We all couldn't wait to get our hands on her.
Alaric told strangers on the street about today- he was going to get to be with his Godparents and meet his new God "sister" Charley!

We got the girls matching Big Sis/Little Sis T-shirts!

The day pretty much was about holding the baby and catching up! We loved every second of it!

Oh, and hours and hours of nonstop playing and rough housing!

I made a meal for us all to share and when Heather and Justin discovered the cookies, my mother-in-law's famous recipe- they couldn't get enough.

The kids made forts and hung out

and loved their time together too.

And just like our trip to Spain a year ago, Heather and Justin and Brian and I could have spent hours just standing in the kitchen talking about everything and anything. This time, we passed around a baby too!

Alaric loves spending time with his Godparents.We realized that one of Alaric's Star Wars Toys that used to be Brians was worth GOBS of money. We carefully removed it from ever being played with again and began our research!

The Fultons and Boyds!

Welcome Home to America! We love you so much! We wish you all the best in San Diego and miss you already.

The kids ran laps hundreds of times around the living room


Jenny Murray said...

So jealous! I want to be there!

The Buehnerkemper Family said...

So glad you got in such a great visit!

Heather said...

We cherish every chance we get to spend time with you guys! Thanks for making the trip over to see us. We love you!

Monica Ramsey said...

Katie, I know how much you and your family mean to Heather, Justin and their girls. It's nice to see you all together again.