Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Vist to Coal City...Uncle George's 93rd Birthday!

We went to Coal City today to spend some time with Brian's Grandma and also to celebrate Uncle George's 93rd birthday. Great gram loves have her grandkids around
Alaric showed Gram every picture from his birthday party
We laughed lots
And celebrated 93 amazing years for Uncle George
We ate icecream cake
No one said you had to eat it with a spoon
The kids worked hard on cards for Uncle George

And we all played cards togehter
We took the kids across the street to the elementary school to play. Daddy and Mara loved swinging together
How can you resist the way a daughter looks at her daddy!
Relay races
And shoulder rides since the kids were tired!
it was a wonderful day!


Check out this cool slide at the playground!

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