Friday, April 29, 2011

The Day Before the Race

Today is the day before the Illinois Marathon. Check out Brian's post about it here. I'm nervous. I have plantarfasciitis and have been in tremendous pain for 9 days. While I have run 15 miles since getting this terrible heal pain, it HURTS! And I'm whining about it. I worry it will affect my run, my times, and my motivation. I ran 3 miles with Brian Monday and haven't run since to try and give my feet a rest. But I've also been on my feet 20 hours a day trying to get the million of things that need to be done DONE around here.

Brian's parents arrive this evening. As do Brian's sister and boyfriend ( our relay team members). We will head to the Expo on campus, head home to eat and have a team meeting and to bed early. We have to LEAVE Monticello at 5AM tomorrow!

The 4 grandparents will have the kids in the stands at Memorial Stadium watching for us on the Jumbotron as we cross the 50 yard line-rain or shine.

I'm jittery and jumpy and can't wait!

Check back Sunday for all the details...and you know there will be plenty!

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